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body4life NUTRITION Programme   body4life NUTRITION Programme

body4life NUTRITION programme

The primary focus of the body4life NUTRITION Programme is to assess your complete eating plan over a 7 day period in respect of the following key areas:

  • Nutrition quality
  • Hydration and alcohol
  • Timing of meals & snacks
  • Intake of processed foods
  • Meal and snack food choices
  • Overall diet and activity levels
  • Pre and post activity food choices

For maximum benefits, your NUTRITION Programme is run in tandem with your Personal Training Programme, so that a totally optimised and tailored health and fitness programme is prescribed. If these protocols are not followed, overall gains will be reduced and your Personal Training Programme will be less effective.

The NUTRITION Programme is a unique 5 stage assessment system that will identify the problem areas within your current nutrition plan and ensure that your health and fitness package is complete.

  • Stage 1: Personal Consultation, Nutrition Information Pack & body4life Nutrition Record Diary
  • Stage 2: Completion of body4life Nutrition Record Diary
  • Stage 3: Nutrition Record Diary analysis
  • Stage 4: Comprehensive written Report
  • Stage 5: Personal Consultation and Report discussion

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