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body4life e-TRAINER+   body4life e-TRAINER+

body4life e-TRAINER+

Unique, innovative and pioneering; body4life e-TRAINER+ is your on-line, interactive, Running Personal Trainer.

Running without the guidance of a correctly structured training plan is a bit like setting out on a journey without a map and directions - there's no guarantee that you'll ever reach your destination. Additionally, a training plan should never be a 'one-size-fits-all' programme because everyone has different fitness levels, different goals and different capabilities.

Which is where body4life e-TRAINER+ excels. With body4life
, you have a tailor-made, personalised running training schedule that's designed specifically for you and continually adapts to your progress and fitness week in, week out - and it's all only a click away. . .

body4life e-TRAINER+ is a unique service, providing you with continual support to help you reach your running goals and is suitable for runners of all abilities including:

  • Anyone who is new to running and needs correct training guidance
    and support.
  • Runners who are targeting their first event such as a 5K or 10K race.
  • Runners who are targeting flagship events such as the Flora London Marathon or BUPA Great North Run.
  • Improving runners at 5K, 10K, the Half-Marathon & Marathon.

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How can I train with body4life e-TRAINER+ ?

Training with body4life e-TRAINER+ is a simple 3 step process:

1. Register your interest here

2. Your designated body4life Personal e-Trainer will contact you to assess in detail your current fitness levels, available training time and goals.

3. From this your body4life Personal e-Trainer will provide full details of your personalised running training programme.

body4life e-TRAINER+   Looking for more one-to-one support?

How does body4life e-TRAINER+ work?

body4life e-TRAINER+ is a unique, simple and extremely effective 5-step system that is totally tailored to you and your running goals.

1. Complete the on-line registration form and e-mail to body4life.
Register your interest here

2. On receipt of your form, your body4life Personal Trainer will assess in detail your current fitness levels, available training time and goals.

3. Following assessment, you will receive by e-mail your first week's personalised training schedule which is totally matched to you, your fitness levels and your goals (Week 1).

4. At the end of Week 1, you e-mail the training that you have completed back to body4life. Your training is analysed and following assessment of your progress over the previous 7 days, a new personalised schedule for Week 2 is e-mailed back to you (Week 2). Turnaround time is no longer than 24 hours.

5. Your training and progress is continually evaluated over each session and each week so that your training is unique to you.

6. To provide additional training support, a minimum of 1 Personal Training session per month is included in the body4life e-TRAINER+ package.

With e-TRAINER+, your training and progress is continually assessed, adapted and tailored to you, your training time and your progress.

Which e-TRAINER+ Programme is right for me?

e-TRAINER+ Marathon

A 16 week full marathon specific programme, including a minimum of 4 dedicated one-to-one Personal Training sessions (1 per month).

e-TRAINER+ Half-Marathon

A 12 week half marathon specific programme including a minimum of 3 dedicated one-to-one Personal Training sessions (1 per month).

e-TRAINER+ 10K and 5K

An 8 week 10K or 5K specific programme including a minimum of 2 dedicated one-to-one Personal Training sessions (1 per month).

Additional Personal Training sessions can be added to e-TRAINER+ packages as required.

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