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body4life outDOORS   body4life outDOORS

body4life outDOORS

Training 'al fresco' is an amazingly energizing experience whatever the season. Whether it's a sunny Summer's day or a crisp Winter morning, body4life outDOORS is guaranteed to get your blood pumping with fun, invigorating training sessions that are totally tailored to you and your personal goals.

With body4life outDOORS training possibilities are endless, for example:

  • Imagine an early morning run along woodland trails
  • A revitalizing bodyweight workout in the countryside
  • An invigorating circuit-style session in the park
  • Relaxing flexibility exercises on a warm day

With innovative and creative workouts from body4life outDOORS, your personal training sessions are always changing, providing continually varied and exciting sessions that are always guaranteed to inspire and motivate you as you get fitter.

Your Personal Trainer will carefully plan each session, varying the location, style and type of workout, so that your personal training sessions are fun and motivating and you're always progressing your fitness.

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